The Ground Here Has Gone Sour

So I Have Moved On

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I let people in letting them know full well I am very open about my life. They always get full access to my livejournal of 10+, they can go do what they damned like, and I wouldn't be adverse to the idea of maybe convincing people to start reading the manual before they start up. No one ever really has I think, which is a shame, because it would simplify things for both of us. However I also try to tell my partners that I don't change for anyone without due cause, so the fact that I'm open now means I will also be open afterwards. And if you don't want me to tell everyone you're a fuck up, then don't be a fuck up.

You think it'd be that easy, right? Nope. People only thumb through shit and look for the sexy parts. At this point I think I've lived like this for too long that trying not to do with the next relationship would only make things worse.

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